Bouga CacaO is not only a chocolate brand but also the story of a couple of people who were dreaming of a real fair trade concept and who put on in place. Our cooperation is marked by mutual confidence and the willingness to contribute to a “better world”. Last but not least it’s also the story of a real passion for excellent cocoa beans.

All our products are developed based on the direct cooperation with our partners in Ecuador.

Our partners do cultivate and harvest the cocoa; we develop recipes together and the cocoa is transformed locally into cocoa nibs, mass or couverture. Based on these semi-finished products we create a variety of fine chocolate products. From our workshop in the french Pyrenees we market these products both locally and via resellers in other parts of France, in Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

The Bouga project supports local initiatives of local transformation of small producers. Even fairtrade labelled raw-materials which are exported as such do not contribute a lot to sustainable development. Preferring local transformation thus stimulates local economy and creates new income sources and qhalified jobs.

Find more information on our fairtrade page.