Chocolatiers and resellers



…You run a retail business for fine foods, wine etc. ? The ethical background of your products is important to you? You prefer smal artisanal suppliers?

Bouga CacaO offers high-quality unique chocolate and cocoa products to retailers.

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In our catalogue you can find conventional 70% and 100% couverture alongside with organic fairtrade 70% couverture made with unrefined cane sugar. We are delighted to send you samples.

Tere is also the possibility to make custom couvertures according to your wishes in Ecuador.

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Project Partnership

For chocolatiers and related businesse we offer the possibility to become a partner of our projects in Ecuador. This works basically like a grouped order where we can profit from lower costs on transport and the like.

This partnership gives you the possibility to enter into direct business contact with the cocoa producers; something which is usually rather complicated for small or medium-sized companies.

Within this framework Bouga Cacao organises everything in Ecuador, including buying the cocoa, transformation (if needed) and transport to Europe.

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