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Bouga CacaO offers a large variety of chocolate and cocoa creations; you find our organic fairtrade bars in organic shops and elsewhere, the chocolates “à la casse” displayed on the Foix market every Friday morning or various chocolate gifts you can find at our workshop in Mouragues / Foix as well as in special shops.

We enjoy to accompany you in the discovery of our chocolates and cocoa, because even the cocoa beans are edible and a must for the cocoa fan and there are many things to be done with the cocoa mass as well.

For us also our commercial relations with our suppliers or rather our partners in Ecuador are very important. The small-scale cocoa growers do too often live in poverty, even though it’s often them who are at the origin of an excellent chocolate. We work directly with these producers and avoid intermediaries in order to assure that a fair price is paid and that money also reaches the right person.

By leaving the transformation of the cocoa in the country of origin we also support sustainable economic development in Ecuador as a bigger part of the added value is generated in situ and qualified labour is created.


the Bouga CacaO team, Ulrike Bongartz and Alex Gareiss


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