Our products are the result of the processing of the finest cocoa whose delicate aroma comes from the Nacional Arriba variety.

Our tablets are certified organic and fair trade.

They represent the most present range of our products. We market them since December 2013 after more than a year of preparation. It was first necessary to certify the farm of one of our partners of the time (Manuel Zavala) and put in place the appropriate elements in order to obtain the “fair” certification for our commercial relationship with him.

The Spring 2013 harvest was the first to be processed into Fair Trade and Organic Covered Chocolate (Pastry Chocolate).

For the making of the cover chocolate, we use rapadura instead of white sugar, which adds a surprising note to the subtle and fruity aromas of cocoa. Our original partner was Tulicorp now it is with the community of Salinas that we work.
To date, Bouga Cacao is pleased to offer you its artisanal recipes, available in a range of tablets of dozens of original varieties.
75%, 85% or 100% plain cocoa tablets.

The other tablets with various flavors are based on 75% cocoa.
We use dried or candied fruits, as well as a wide range of spices to satisfy your taste buds of this wide choice:
Sea salt, candied ginger, vinette-thyme berries, cinnamon-coriander-coffee, figs, anise-squash seeds, orange-hibiscus zests, cocoa-mint bean splinters, and chilli…

The design of new recipes is regularly thought out to vary the pleasures…
The manufacture of our tablets is artisanal and made in the workshop of Mouragues. The chocolate is tempered and spread in large plates, topped with different ingredients according to the recipes. Then its plates are cut and packed by hand.
This is why you will find non-uniform tablets, because depending on the weight we remove or add pieces to reach the 70 grams.

You will also have the opportunity to discover other flavors in our tasting boxes (4 flavors): Classico, Fuego or Tierra according to your tastes…

Over the years, in addition to the bars we offer dark chocolate in different forms and cocoa in all its states: raw cocoa beans, butter, etc…

You will find descriptions of all our products on our online shop with now a wide choice of chocolate in bulk to limit waste and consume differently.
Or discover our Bouga Cacao range near you in one of our stores.

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